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utdoor swings and hanging loungers instantly remind us of our childhood and invite us to relax. As warm as a hug, swings are the perfect comfy addition to your outdoor living room, garden or terrace. So, why don't you take some time to look at the stars in the sky? Enjoy simple pleasures and sway backwards and forwards chatting and thinking....and inevitably dreaming.

 Our must-haves

Hanging lounger. Maxi scale, cozy and inviting. Perfect for the whole family or for a comfortable place of your own. If you want to treat yourself to a porch/patio swing, forget about sizes and go for the extra version.

Our style notes

Wicker. Is a timeless choice, even when it's made from a synthetic fibre. More practical than the natural ones, synthetic fibres are sturdy and suitable for outdoor use. Pair them up with pastel tones for a glamorous combination.
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