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Kettal, collection Vimini

| Designbest editorial staff


his is what we have: a throne-like wicker armchair, sofas with a fluid silhouette, lots of cushions, a carpet that brings to mind a traditional British lawn and a fan too, a must-have of colonial style. Veranda and roof terrace embrace the natural theme and combine earth tones with pastels, wicker furniture and simple accessories. Familiar and sophisticated, the new outdoor living room interprets 21st century luxury:  colonial-inspired décor combined with a rustic feel, decorated with great attention to detail.

Style details

The throne-like armchair.

The traditional wicker armchair? Go for an elongated backrest and an ergonomic silhouette, the key player of your living room.

The green carpet.

Green stripes inspired by the great British lawn; this is how the outdoor living room becomes more intimate and welcoming.

The mesh coffee table.

Right in the centre of living room, this mesh coffee table is a modern take on the traditional colonial silhouette.

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