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Ethimo, collection Allaperto Mountain


| Designbest editorial staff


n general, when winter approaches we start of thinking of spending our free time in the mountains. Our rooftop terrace turns into a real outdoor living room and defies chilly temperatures with an all-embracing elegance. This is what we have: wicker sofas, furniture in teak and soft fur blankets. The entire scheme revolves around a traditional coffee table, where you can leave cups of piping hot tea and trays laden with chocolates. The ideal setting for a rejuvenating break looking at the breathtaking view: the perfect seasonal hug.

Three pieces one style


Here, teak has been varnished to resist atmospheric agents and the rigid mountain climate, it adds instant warmth.

Fur blanket.

Throw it on the back of a chair for that Scandinavian touch, and it’s close by for that instant warmth. 

Outdoor cushions.

Make sure that your cushion covers are in a special waterproof fabric. Especially made to resist humidity and all other atmospheric agents and they can be left.

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