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Emu, lamp Cone - design Chiaramonte & Marin

| Designbest editorial staff


n armchair, two coffee tables, a lamp: the relax corner, in its simplest form, moves to the outdoors and becomes a small oasis by the poolside to experience during summer evenings. After all it doesn’t take much to draw the open-air atmosphere in the name of comfort and freedom. The armchair, rigorously deep and enveloping, is perfect with the maxi  floor lamp that imitates in every way the indoor models and gives a warm and soft light that fills the whole scene. Near, are the two coupled coffee tables, that add just the right idle mood and become the perfect “butlers” to move wherever is pleased. The outcome: a mini resort where to take shelter in company of a book or where to treat yourself with a drink under the stars, in total intimacy. 

Three pieces one style

Three pieces one style

The maxi lamp.

A maxi floor lamp, that imitates the living room models, is perfect to give the same warmth “of home”.

The double coffee table.

Two, to draw near us or to place by the sides of the armchair: so they are always at our service.

The enveloping armchair.

Deep, with a maxi seat, backseat slightly reclined. Instead of the usual small armchairs  a model like this is much better, with a super wrapping comfort.



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