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Gan, Isla collection - design Sebastian Herkner

| Designbest editorial staff


ith dusty pink brushstrokes, soft curves and haute couture details, the outdoor living room shows off its charm and transforms sofas and armchairs into the actors of a romantic piece. Everything is set for making your guests comfortable and enveloping them in a relaxed and chic atmosphere. The backrests host plenty of cushions to make everyone comfortable, while the low tables dance on their tiptoes to welcome magazine and drinks. With a spring-like atmosphere this modern representation of comfort is ready to hit the stage.

Style details

The round low tables.

In wood and aluminum, with a Nordic feel, these are perfect for discreetly decorating and highlighting the sophisticated allure of the sitting area.

The high backrest.

The sofas and loveseat go for a curved and high backrest that, like a small partition, creates greater intimacy.

Dusty pink.

This chic and delicate color instantly gives off a feeling of serenity and immediately adds refinement to the living room.

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