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Tribù, chaise loungue Neutra - design Vincent Van Duysen

| Designbest editorial staff


hat’s better to enjoy a sunset than a chaise-longue by the poolside? Bold, minimal and in pure-white, the fluid, ergonomic silhouette, of this chaise-longue encourages you to relax, besides its ultra-soft mattress pushes you to forget the time an enjoy the evening ahead. You capture it true essence at a glance: this area doesn’t require anything other than pure silence. 

Style details

The chaise-longue.

Minimal and white; this is perfect for a chic, metropolitan space. The ideal living room piece as well.

Decorative pebbles.

No vases, ornaments and accessories. Perfectly rounded pebbles are what your outdoor living room requires.


White: the colour of summer, as well balance, light and peace. The perfect colour for your oasis of calm.

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