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Unopiù, modular sofa Deauville - design Sandro Meneghello + Marco Paolelli

| Designbest editorial staff


ur new versatile living room is decorated with mismatched cushions, which almost look like large scale rulers. Comfy, versatile and informal; this new living room brakes the boundaries of conventional home decor, creating a new kind of social space. An ultra-soft tailor-made platform, which you can enjoy on a daily basis in total freedom. An evocative narrative which starts from the living room in winter, moves to the veranda in spring and finally goes outdoors to celebrate summer.

Three pieces one style


The harmonious colour par excellence. Instant summer.

Tray-coffee table.

Perfect for lounging in the sun, ready for satisfying our desires.

Modular cushions.

Mix-and-match them for a personal touch. In a snug, in the middle of a room or in a large open-plan space.

(Unopiù, collection Deauville)

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