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Ethimo, collection Eivissa - design Ludovica + Roberto Palomba 

| Designbest editorial staff


his large and square oversized pergola filters the sunlight with its slats and curtains and protects the open-air living room by a creating a cozy and well-defined space. As elegant as a canopy with a convivial spirit and decidedly contemporary style, this living room combines deep-seated nested furniture with generously sized sunbeds for total relaxation. They fall back on natural tones and pure-white textiles, which are emblematic of a relaxing mood and give the atmosphere perfect balance for idling in complete tranquility beside the pool.

Style details

The pergola.

Rigorous and powerful, and yet light due to its minimal structure. It is equipped with swaying curtains that create the right amount of intimacy without suffocating the space.

ph: collection Eivissa di Ethimo

The nested armchair.

Enveloping, with high a backrest and armrests: the armchair, which matches the sofa, is the perfect nest for serenely settling down with a good book.

The sunbeds.

Wide, sinuous and soft—the shape of relaxation rids itself of sharpness and rigidity. The relaxing result is a sense of complete wellness.

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