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Artemide, lamp Tolomeo XXL
| Designbest editorial staff


s the evening falls,  the summers lights are on. The reading lamp, designed in large scale,  is a truly center-piece: it casts its light upon  the scene and our summer chilling. However, the real key piece is the sofa: large, comfortable and with a central backrest to enjoy a one-to-one conversation. This is what you need to appreciate a happy friends evening or  the magic of night. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed yet with a touch of romance: the two small spotlights aside provide private space for intimacy and coziness.

Our must haves

Sofa with chaise unit. Large and comfortable, it’s a truly haven of rest at the poolside. It’s so versatile that units can be disassembled and placed in the living room.


Large lamp. The classical reading lamp with a twist: its large size brings a touch of cheerfulness and steals the show. The swing arm comes in handy to provide the right mood light.

Our style notes

Total white. Choose a few pieces in either large or even extra-large size, but they have to be pure white: this is the secret to complement with elegance your outdoor space, garden or terrace.
Low spotlights. Assure plenty of light in the conversation area with a large floor lamp. For more cozy moments choose wall or lateral spotlight: they are just perfect to provide evocative play of lights.
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