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| Designbest editorial staff


pring is almost here; this drives us to take better care of our garden. And don’t despair, if you live in a city. With our style pointers, you can turn even the smallest of balconies into the perfect urban oasis. Go for metal or wooden coffee tables and shelves, for all your gardening tools, a couple of easy chairs and maybe even a rocking chair. And just add the right accessories to complete the look: clever, functional and bold. Just like these... 


4 ideas for green-thumbs  

Tool set.

This is the neatest kit out there: hoe, rake and shovel. These three tools fit in their own wooden block, so they’ll always be within reach

Watering can.

This extraordinary doughnut-shaped 2-litre watering is a lot of fun, as well as being extremely practical. And when not in use, it looks pretty as a picture next to your flowers. 


This one has a vintage feel, but it has a light bulb instead of a traditional candle. So, its light won’t blow out at the first gust of wind and you can enjoy the fresh air even at dusk. 

Concrete vases.

There’s a lot to choose from when it comes to flower vases. This range has a built-in metal frame; this will hold your flowers up straight and you can even use it to fashion compositions with small creepers.

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