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Lea Ceramiche, System 

| Designbest editorial staff


n one side there is the living room with its spacious space, on the other side there is the kitchen, which is modern and ultra-accessorized. What's in the middle? A large outdoor space which seems to invite us to relax and unwind. One only needs a wall length sofa – wide and comfortable – to indulge in restful and scenic summer times. Dive into a state of blissful relaxation while keeping your comfort at hand

Our must-haves

Corner sofa.

A corner bench flush with the floor and a number of ultra-soft cushions. These few touches will be enough to turn your space into an oasis of peace, whether it’s a terrace or a balcony. 

Stoneware with a wood effect.

 It adds a warm touch to the space and seamlessly connects indoors with outdoors for casual living throughout your home. 

Our style notes

Large flowerboxes.

Indoors, they provide an oasis of green and rival the space of the rooms: the garden comes indoors leaving ample space outdoors. A small plant will instantly add that touch of green you want. 

Small table and small armchair.

Arrange them in the corner of the living room, facing the terrace, for a comfortable lounge area which gives the impression of being outdoors. They are the perfect addition during the summer heights or when winter is approaching.

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