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Ethimo, collection Swing - design Patrick Norguet

| Designbest editorial staff


roof terrace is the ideal convivial space to spend autumnal evenings in company. Furnish your cosy corner with an oversized sofa and several coffee tables, perfect for welcoming all your friends and add a cocoon-like chair for some quality me-time. Go for a neutral colour palette, in perfect metropolitan style; this confers a refined as well as an informal air. Besides, the overall scheme is completed by a carpet in shades of grey: this detail from indoors creates the necessary warmth (for indoors and outdoors as well).

Style details

The cocoon-like chair.

Streamlined, daring, with an ergonomic backrest and a deep seet: a chair such as this evoke pure relaxation.

in foto: armchair Swing di Ehimo

The coffee tables.

A large one in the middle of the room as well as two smaller ones at either side. Several coffee tables are necessary where there’s a large sofa.

in foto: small table Swing di Ehimo

The mat.

Lightweight, discreet and nuanced, it’s perfect in the living room too as it replaces the standard Persian rug. For a contemporary mood, perfect all-year round. 

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