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Gervasoni, Jeko sofa - design Paola Navone

| Designbest editorial staff


ith sky and sea blue, the deep horizon and that pure holiday feeling, this outdoor sitting area goes for shades of blue and a liberating atmosphere which perfectly reflects summertime. With large and low seating, lots of soft pillows, and a wooden and ceramic low table that recalls Balinese tradition, there is a mix of wood and bright fabrics, sinuous lines and low volumes which evoke the magic of exotic style and reawaken the summer desire to relax and be outdoors with friends and family. The mood is purposefully informal with some clay pots finishing off the décor and pristine nature enclosing it all, instantly carrying you off to the island of Java.


Style details

The throne-armchairs.

Comfortable, enveloping and capable of instantly creating atmospheres with an exotic appeal.

The mat-carpet.

This light mat adds a touch of that living room feeling, while allowing oneself the luxury of going barefoot. It is perfect accessory to give the lounge area a touch of intimacy.

The samovar low table.

Low, square and embellished with a ceramic or stone top, this low table is what you need to recall the warm and worldly aesthetic of exotic lands.

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