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Talenti,  CleoSoft Wood collection - design Marco Acerbis

| Designbest editorial staff


hite and wood are classics of outdoor style. In this case they create a tidy and plush domestic scene—the perfect expression of convivial comfort. With the arrival of spring the living room moves outdoors, and this composition of soft seating and low tables is the perfect example. It is well-composed like a classic sitting room, but with a touch of freedom which favors and encourages relaxing summer rituals. Whether you prefer informal chats under the sun or an evening drink with friends under the stars, this poolside oasis will become the heart of your most enjoyable convivial moments. It is the perfect place to get lost in the pages of a book, take a nap or kick back with friends.


Style details

The armchair.

Curved and delicate in its rounded lines—in contrast with the more rigorous volumes of the conversation area—this cocooning armchair softens up the entire scene.

ph.: set CleoSoft Wood by Talenti

The chaise-longue module.

The corner module which extends towards the pool is what you need to relax under the sun.

The "linking" coffee table.

It connects the chaise longue and sofa, creating a more united composition to give a sense of enveloping continuity to the living room.

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