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Kos, hot tub Minipool

| Designbest editorial staff


s the days grow warmer, we long to spend more and more time outdoors. So, why don’t you turn your garden into an outdoor spa to be enjoyed around the clock? A special place to revel in nature, underneath a starry sky: a whirlpool hot-tub takes centre stage, next to it a sun-bed, and a screen for some privacy if you decide to take a shower. Exactly what you need for some me-time, and lanterns and candles scattered here and there add that final touch, the right mood to unwind and relax.

Three pieces one style

Wooden decking.

Be it a base for a daybed or a platform for an impromptu drinks party. 


A lie low with a bolster cushion for instant comfort. 

Mood lighting.

Large floor lamps light the tub, and lanterns dotted here and there add a romantic touch.

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