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Glass 1989, minipiscina MySpa OF 250
| Designbest editorial staff


whirlpool bathtub, sun setting over a lake and a free-flowing living room. What more could you possibly need to sink into total relax? The warm feel of wood brought together with a refined glass façade. This is what you need to redesign your home. A refined aesthetic, yet warm and cosy; here, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living are very faint. Tour new mood embraces you like a midsummer night's dream...


Our Must-haves

A recessed whirlpool bathtub. If you want to relax just like in a spa, then add a chaise-longue. This is the top. However, you can get away with even a more basic version of this, just for yourself or to be used in company.


A timber bench. Inspired by the spark minimalism often found in gyms, swimming pools and spas. Simple wooden slats: you can chat, rest your towel or dressing-gown or even play a little buffet with canapés and drinks.

Our style notes

Slatted flooring. Natural, warm, a match made in heaven between style and well-being. Walk on it barefoot!
In the living room, a glass façade. This fills the room with lots of natural light and brings the outside in. In this way your corner becomes a maxi-open space, part living room and part roof top terrace.
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