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B&B Italia, sofa Ray Outdoor Fabric

| Designbest editorial staff


wicker sofa in earth tones, a cocoon-like armchair in lime green and wooden tables in different sizes and styles. The latest in garden furniture is to be inspired by living room interiors: a low coffee table next to the sofa; a smaller side table which doubles up as a tray; and a console table for vases and ornaments. The overall earth-tone colour palette is broken up by bold splashes of colour. And summer fills the air.

Three pieces one style

Acid green.

In general, acid green is a tough one to throw in the mix, but it’s a bright and fresh colour perfect for summer. And it’s also great with wood. 

Console table.

Without a doubt, a console table with several ornaments will bring the same feel of a living room. 

Side table/ tray.

When need be, you can turn this table into a serving tray. Perfect for impromptu drinks. 

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