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Tognana, Dream Oro & Holly Gold set

| Designbest editorial staff


hristmas holidays are drawing nearer and the touches of gold typical of special occasions are already showing up at the table. Even though we are still planning the menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner, why not start thinking about the perfect table setting? In order to create an elegant, yet not overly classic, table, there are these fringed placemats to mix and match with the classic jacquard cotton tablecloth. On the top of them, dishes and cutlery go for a golden glow, but do so playfully and surprisingly: a cascade of “star” dust creates asymmetric decorations on the white plates, while the golden cutlery interprets ancient style with contemporary lines. Nearby, there is a decorated cake stand, some Christmas decorations and must-have wine glasses in a faceted glass which recall ancient table sets. Christmas is served.


Style details

The golden cutlery.

Completely golden but in the style of everyday cutlery, they are all you need to give the entire table the right amount of light without going overboard.

The decorated dishes.

A modern interpretation of the classic table set with a golden border, these “decorated” dishes provide a cascade of gold dust.

The fringed underplates.

Round, glittering, and with small fringes along the borders, these underplates also work perfectly as placemats with or without a tablecloth.

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