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LSA International, Space Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


eometric lines lit up by golden accents; this is the new contemporary tablescape. Crystal glasses, ceramic plates and steel cutlery cast off a familiar, traditional aesthetic and maintain one detail only, a classic golden profile that in a distinctively modern style, acts as a belt, collar or dress for these new convivial accessories. Light and characterful, the everyday table setting transforms into a sleek and refined backdrop that adds an elegant touch to our life and draws the perfect Easter mise en place.

Style details

Geometric wine glasses.

Coupled with a jug, they perfectly complement the vase and the candle holders too. So, from simple glasses they transform into elegant, decorative pieces.


The traditional golden border is transformed into a bolder, yet extremely modern and “light”, everyday decoration. 

Replace a soup plate with a bowl.

Replace a soup plate with a bowl; this is the perfect contemporary touch. A it doubles as a salad bowl too.

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