Rosenthal, Junto Collection

| Designbest editorial staff


et rid of the classic red and gold mise en place. The Christmas table is going with dreamy Nordic style with a white linen tablecloth and linear plates that play with warm sea and earth tones for a festive and chic menu. Gingerbread, sugar cookies, pomegranate and dried fruit fill the bowls with spice, while the faceted crystal glasses discretely brighten up the table. Simplicity and refinement get blended in this new festive recipe that gets itself noticed in the details: the discrete and contemporary satin-finished gilded cutlery, and the classic red bulbs borrowed from the tree create minimal and chic decorations. They bring all the flavors of Christmas to the table.

Style details

The colorful bowls.

Cinnamon, chestnut, butter and cerulean get mixed at the table for a warm and delicious mise en place that’s not too gaudy.

The gilded cutlery.

Austere, minimal and modern, classic and slightly boring tableware makes way for this super-contemporary, golden and stain-finished one.

The Christmas bulbs.

Instead of the classic centerpiece or elegant placeholders, spread some red Christmas bulbs to instantly create a festive atmosphere.

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