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Alessi, collection Circus

| Designbest editorial staff


old, silver and red are the colours traditionally linked to Christmas and they look great on the table. But, you don’t necessarily have to comply with traditional decorations and patterns. So, why don’t you draw from circus life for an original and festive tablescape. Plates, salad bowls and bowls decorated in diamonds, cheques and stripes upstage clowns and acrobats and lay on the table a bright firework display. Festive cheer is brought on by crystals, splashes of silver and accessories with an ironic undertone: Christmas is served!

Three pieces on style


Traditional silver candlesticks are timeless accessories, and add a chic touch too.

Graphic patterns.

Sharp shapes and bright colours, inspired by circus life: a fresh idea, nonetheless elegant, that adds a twist to your festive tablescape.


Nuts and dried fruit are a staple of our Christmas tradition. Go for an unconventional object instead of a standard nutcracker: the element of surprise is guaranteed.



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