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ith opulent elegance, the summer table combines floral prints with bold decorative patterns inspired by the past. The tablemat is in sharp contrast with your “busy” tablecloth and the overall effect you should aim for is an alternative place card in complementary colours. The transparent plates have a more subtle aesthetic and with their thousand different facets they multiply the patterns on the table. For the final touch, a cascade of cut flowers projects us, as if by magic, to a gourmet experience made of different flavours and colours, in which everything is a feast for the eyes as well. 

Style details

The tablemat.

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match, even though the tablecloth has a “busy” pattern. Inspired by the Indian subcontinent, a juxtaposition of bold prints and colours is perfect for summer. 

Flowers in bowls.

Whether small bunches or oversized buds, arrange in an apparently casual way. The overall effect is romantic and dramatic as well.

The transparent places.

Transparent, yet characterful. With plates such as these, go wild with tablecloth and linen.

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