Guzzini, collection Grace - design Pio e Tito Toso

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hite and red” laid on the table and its instantly Christmas. In line with the traditional aesthetic, this simple combination is equally suited for a modern tablescape. A tablecloth in pure-white with a decorative pattern in complementary colours and a wide, retro-inspired lace border, whereas the plates and the glass have a more modern aesthetic and add a vibrant touch in a juxtaposition of white brush strokes and ruby-red undertones. For a final touch, go for two-tone bowls that open up as a flower and are perfect for fruit, bread and nibbles. You only require a few key pieces for this spectacular, although informal, scheme that combines refined inspirations with a reference to contemporary conviviality.

Style details


Replace traditional wicker baskets with two-tone bowls in plastic. The overall effect is original and distinctly modern.

ph: collection Grace by Guzzini

A traditional tablecloth.

If you don't want to forgo tradition, go for a retro-inspired tablecloth: perfect for a homely feel.


It's the colour of Christmas: a few accent touches in ruby red create the right mood and add sass to the tablescape. 

ph: collection Belle Epoque by Guzzini

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