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Weissestal, Tile set

| Designbest editorial staff


ho said that you can’t set the table with an exquisitely exotic mood during winter? It really takes very little to bring a bit of joy to even the gloomiest of days. So, give free reign to a table setting which plays with squared dishes, 3D textures, cerulean tones and a summer tablecloth. The purposefully wrinkled, linen tablecloth instantly provides that feeling of carefree holidays and, together with the various-sized matching dishes, calls for a relaxing Sunday brunch. Plus, in order to add a luxurious touch of light, just throw in some golden cutlery in this exclusive bronze hue. This tiny detail immediately gives the table a chic and refined look. And what about the glasses? These tumblers are dressed in blue tones for our water and healthy juices.



I dettagli di stile

The square dishes.

Geometric, various-sized and with a slightly embossed texture, the Mediterranean table gets interpreted in a modern key.

The golden cutlery.

Shiny and with a bronze hue, they are emblematic of contemporary elegance.

The linen tablecloth.

With a wrinkled-look and a summer feel, this tablecloth gives a fresh and informal touch to your laid-back brunch.

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