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Rosenthal, collection Moon Cipango Blue

| Designbest editorial staff


urls, cheques, leaves or polka dots: a fresh tablescape in pastel tones and delicate patterns celebrates the arrival of spring. This mix of delicate colours and textures isn’t at all dated, on the contrary. In fact, mixing-and-matching different prints perfectly defines the new classic-modern aesthetic; these combined traditional pieces with those inspired by distant lands. So, the traditional soup terrine goes arm in arm with chopsticks, whereas plates, bowls and fabrics throw the perfect Sunday brunch, informal yet chic.

Three pieces one style

Soup terrine.

Less serious than the traditional hand painted styles, yet as refined. A piece such as this adds an elegant touch to your table.

Stylized patterns.

Mismatched naïf patterns refresh the tablescape (as long as your go for the same colour palette).


An oriental touch is what you need to make your table less conventional, adding an international flair.

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