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| Designbest editorial staff


he ADI Design Index 2021, the selection of the best Italian design products and projects that will compete for the XXVII Compasso d’Oro (planned for 2022), was presented a few days ago in Milan’s new ADI Design Museum.

The 2021 edition was centered around three keywords adopted by the G20 of Culture, which met in Rome last July: People, Planet and Prosperity.

233 products were selected by the Permanent Observatory of ADI Design out of 1017 candidates (plus 28 student projects for the Youth section), which were as usual divided among various themes.

People provides us with the awareness of a broader vision of dignified and forward-thinking civic coexistence”, explained ADI president Luciano Galimberti. “Planet offers a reflection on the transition to a green economy, for an equal relationship between humanity and nature, where humanity does not take precedence. And for us Prosperity means favoring technological development.”

That’s why alongside the classic home design section (48 products chosen) there are the categories of material design and technological system design and business research and theoretical research, which show the strength of the ideas and concrete solutions in Italian design.

Umberto Cabini, president of the ADI Foundation, said that it is a sign of recovery. He invited everyone to visit the ADI Design Museum (open to the public for free) where the products will be on display until November 7th, 2021, before some of the selected products are moved to Rome.

This museum was founded out of a desire to “welcome, promote and engage the city” as Luciano Galimberti commented. “Because design is an integral part of reality and not an ornament or abstruse strategy.” This gets demonstrated, for example, in some products which we wanted to take a closer look at (in the home design selection) in order to give you a preview of the latest style in the home.

Where: ADI Design Museum, Piazza Compasso D’Oro 1, Milan, Italy
When: until November 7, 2021



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