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Designer carpets, the new key players in the home

| Designbest editorial staff


entre stage in your home, the latest carpets are as beautiful as a precious tapestry, decorated similarly to a contemporary painting, handmade and include unique textures too. Besides, they are made with exquisite, natural materials and in addition, theyinclude metallic and iridescent details, tactile textures and light effects.

Striving to create one-of-a-kind, dramatic backdrops, the designers have increasingly devoted their attention to material thickness and as a consequence, they are capable of reproducing different styles, from patchwork to vintage and from optical to three dimensional florals.

Increasingly more versatile, the latest carpets are exclusive pieces inspired by the world of high-fashion. In addition, the latest textiles create unconventional headboards, living room frames with a flawless aesthetic as well as works of art for your entrance hall. They confer a new feel to your home.


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