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Ardassa Emerald by Bisazza

| Designbest editorial staff


015 sees the comeback of decorated and “dressed” walls and this echoes the Seventies, when wallpaper was a must. However, this mood is entirely new: today the key word is “nature” and the rule is to fill the house with green corners, 3D textures and innovative materials. The style is fresh and cozy, and at the same time free, ironic and devoted to creative interpretation. Here, leaves set the rules of contemporary elegance: one is enough for a soft silhouette, but more of them can create a jungle-like environment with their impenetrable intertwining. Be it either mosaic tiles or wallpaper, the leit motiv is always the same: “naturally” chic. 

Cole & Son, wallpaper by Fornasetti
Cole & Son, wallpaper by Fornasetti

From the entrance hall to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom, unexpected tiles and digital prints design the shared spaces and they mesh with “haute couture” textile walls, redefining a new relaxed aesthetic. And what about the “old” familiar mood? For that, we have the new ton-sur-ton tactile decorations, which reinvent the most intimate spaces. 

Aida, wallpaper by Armani Casa
Aida, wallpaper by Armani Casa

The kewyord is renovation, without completely changing the style. For the boldest, designing the space will be a brightly-coloured yet relaxing game, to be played with greens. The more “traditional” ones will just paint the walls with delicate shades and complementary motifs. The guaranteed effect is always relaxing and timeless. 

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