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Coro outdoor sofa Sabal
| Designbest editorial staff



ummertime invites us to relax, and even our living rooms feel it's time to go outside. Sofas, armchairs, chairs and low tables easily move from the living room to the terrace, they find new space on the porch and they cheerfully decorate the garden, under the sun. The merit of this goes to the new collections, the last trend of summer 2015: the pieces are upholstered in technical fabrics, which are waterproof and resistant to humidity and sunlight, while maintaining the appeal of domestic furniture. In other words, comfort is combined with the most refined design.


Tribu, Tosca armchair


The result? Deep seats and embracing backrests, ideal for a summer break and at the same time perfect if placed in the living room, next to the bookcase. Surfaces are wide and theatrical, offering the perfect setting for meals in good company, in the dining room or under a gazebo, while enjoying the soft breeze.



Kettal, armchair Basket


All of this is acompanied by simple chairs, with a minimalist design, made of light and ultra-resistant materials. They can be stacked, possibly on the porch, and taken when you want to chat in relax, moving between the kitchen and the balcony...

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