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Formabilio, cupboard Marcel
| Designbest editorial staff


nstructured geometric patterns, alchemy art prints, 3D graphics....as well as flowers, spirals and tactile decorations. This on-trend mood is based on bold patterns, the style is dynamic and the geometric lines are futuristic. Clean cut lines set the tone of walls and fabrics providing that touch of pastel shades which one might think they are maked by a chalk – either black or multicolour. 

Even the furniture is redefined by this new aesthetic, the pieces resembling post-industrial sculptures. The geometric detail makes the difference: either mesh, a ton-sur-ton pattern or a big-impact pattern, they all redesign the spaces – also the smallest ones – with drama.

Be it either a wall or one armchair, it won't take much to liven up your space and bring a modern touch. This way the mood turns into fresh but never unpleasant: spicing up your home has never been so easy  when the comfort meets the avant-garde. 

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