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Made expo 2017: where has the door gone?

| Designbest editorial staff


treamlined, flush to we wall, in pure-white, minimal aesthetics or concealed within the wall cavity; this is the latest in doors. We’ve just got back from MADE expo 2017, the most popular architecture and construction fair in Italy, where we've seen new styles of recessed sliding doors: elegant, ultra-modern and above all practically imperceptible.

During the last couple of years, we’ve seen a rise in doors in traditional aesthetics and those which look like works of art. However, in 2017 doors have become proper home accessories: subtle and almost imperceptible, yet with distinct aesthetics, so much so they can enter and exit the stage just like the main characters of a play.

And this is what we’ve found: a door that looks like plaster, a door in plasterboard and different timber-framed designs. Doors are now an integral part of the wall, and just like theatre curtains turn any room into a dramatic stage.

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