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P943 M pellet stove, Piazzetta

| Designbest editorial staff

Winter is just around the corner and fireplaces are key players this season. But should we go for a traditional wood burner or one of the latest pellet stoves? Both use natural fuels (pellet is processed wood), therefore our first answer was “it depends on the kind of lifestyle”. However, we prefer to make an informative choice by laying out pros and cons of each design.

Wood burner
It has a soft bright flame, it’s not powered by electricity and it’s cheaper to run than pellet stoves (but it also produces less heat). However, there are some key disadvantages: you cannot preset starting and putting out a fire and in the same way, you cannot set the right temperature. And the wood we burn produces smoke and waste particles: this is the reason why you must have a suitable flue and this takes up a lot more space than a pellet stove.

Pellet stove
Pellet stoves can be automatically loaded, you can preset when it turns on and off and set your ideal temperature. You do not need a large flue and it’s easier to set up, it even fits in the smallest of spaces. Wood pellets come in bags, they are more expensive to buy than conventional firewood, however an equal amount lasts longer and produces more heat. On the other hand, these flames don’t look as natural as if you were burning proper firewood.

The appeal of a traditional fireplace and its rituals (starting a fire by hand, cleaning cinders, relax in front of a roaring fire) is timeless, it adds an immediate cozy feel to any room. However, the latest pellet stoves make us save both time and effort. So which one should we pick?

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