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Sustainable design: innovation that is good for the environment

| Designbest editorial staff


ustainability, attention to the environment, eco-materials. Today, design has its sights set on a new ethical concern and is creating products dedicated to the environment which are prepared to protect the planet. The new aesthetic language speaks of recycling, eco-sustainable supply chains, innovative materials with a low environmental impact, and a more conscious vision for a better tomorrow. The sector of sustainable design is clearly undergoing constant evolution. If reducing waste and energy consumption are the new means of creative and technological innovation, speaking about eco-design means keeping the product’s entire lifecycle in mind—from production to transportation, distribution and disposal. Biodegradable, non-toxic and recyclable materials like wood (FSC or PEFC certified) and aluminum (recyclable ad infinitium) are placed side by side with new compounds derived from industrial waste or created with state-of-the-art techniques. These become the signature pieces of the latest furniture proposals.


As with A.I., the first chair in reused material from Kartell. It is created with a 100% recycled thermoplastic polymer that was recovered from a pure supply of materials that is not contaminated by others. This accurate selection allows them to maintain the aesthetic and structural quality of this new material whilst reducing waste. And not only! This chair designed by Philippe Starck is a product of a collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. It is even more impressive as it was created by a robot that followed the inputs received from the designer.

A.I. Chair (Kartell)


CC Tapis has focused on the recycling of production waste as well. The Fortide carpet designed by Patricia Urquiola is made of Himalayan wool, pure silk and aloe recovered from the waste of other carpets, without losing any of its quality.

cc tapis

Fortide Carpet (CC-Tapis)


Walter Knoll has instead created the Muud sofa (designed by Eoos) by once again following the two cornerstones of the company’s philosophy: sustainable materials and artisanal craftsmanship. The brand’s headquarters, production plants and manufacturing process have always aimed for the highest standards in sustainability by reducing the material to a minimum without every giving up on its expert craftsmanship.

walter knoll

Muud Sofa (Walter Knoll)


The same artisanal excellence can be seen in the wallpaper of Affreschi&Affreschi, a company which has been dedicated to eco-sustainability for over twenty years. Its specialty is wall frescoes made on sheets of handmade plaster which are only 1mm thick. Thanks to the special mix made up of 27 fine raw materials (including Carrara marble and Roman travertine) and without plastic or volatile organic compounds, the plaster becomes flexible, portable and rolled. It becomes an exclusive, versatile and healthy material.


Affreschi&Affreschi wallpepers

Because the new frontier of design is to aim for what is both beautiful and good for you.



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