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The latest in lighting design

| Designbest editorial staff


simple aesthetic, a fluid line and a bold silhouette. With a focus on technology, the latest lamps are a bold addition, taking centre stage.

Whether its compact, streamlined, fluid, flexible or sleek, the new wireless styles are especially designed to follow your movements (and desires), creating evocative mood that you are able to control with a simple movement and the voice too.

Energy efficiency, sustainability, light effects and interaction: with the advent of LEDs and the miniaturization of light sources, lighting design projects you to the future with superior quality lamps, capable, among other things, to personalise the space.

Spaces change with furniture and according to the mood and every light interprets our style and mood, giving us soft light, radiant glows, diffused lighting and contemporary decorations with a strong impact. Here are the new lamps that, on or off, are set to rule the year to come.


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