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n origin, the small apartment in question had even been split into corridor, bedroom and kitchen. So, there was only one way to go to turn this space into the bright Parisian pied-à-terre interior designer Lilan Pan had always been dreaming of: total demolition. 


The living room with vintage sofa.

The living room with vintage sofa. Behind the wall, shower and bathroom with floor-to-ceiling mirrored door, which reflects light from the windows and gives the illusion of a larger space. 

lThe movable partition as storage

The movable partition as storage. Left-hand side, the staircase which leads to Lilan’s small ground floor design studio.


An open plan wasn’t deemed right for this 31sqm apartment, as three people require a degree of privacy. Here, the challenge was to separate the space without crushing it. The answer was just as simple as brilliant: a movable partition wall that closes-off one part of the house, quickly turning it into a bedroom.


The movable partition wall while it’s being folded out to construct a bedroom

The movable partition wall while it’s being folded out to construct a bedroom.

Master bedroom with foldaway bed.

Master bedroom with foldaway bed.


By removing all internal walls, the large windows can finally fill the apartment with natural light. Service blocks are built on the opposite sides of the apartment, freeing up the central floor area. The kitchen is at the entrance and the bathroom is behind the partition wall with sofa in front. Opposite (image above), the unit with movable partition which houses wardrobe and bed, and turns the space from dining room to master bedroom.


self-contained kitchen with mirrored splashback and sofa in the living room

Left-hand side, the self-contained kitchen with mirrored splashback, which fills with light even the window-less side of the apartment. Right-hand side, bathroom wall with mirrored door on one side and entrance on the other.

the apartment before the remodel: kitchen, studio room and bathroom.

Before the remodel: kitchen, studio room and bathroom. 


There’s nothing left of the cramped feel of the old apartment. With a few components, a movable partition wall, a wardrobe, a foldaway bed and a table on castors, Lilan Pan has built a bright and welcoming apartment, which is above all really functional, for herself and her young family.



Design project

Multifunctional studio apartment for 3 people

Location: Paris, France
Floors: 1
Size: 31 sqm

Architecture and interior design project:
Studio Pan
17 rue de Belfort, 75 011 Paris, France
Tel: 0033 (0) 6 59 38 51 76
Email: lilan.pan@gmail.com



Credits Lilan Pan and Mariela Apollonio
Courtesy Studio Pan

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