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| Designbest editorial staff


new prototype for a portable home, which comes with us if we have to move: Box. Box was constructed on the rooftop of an abandoned factory with all the trimmings necessary to turn it into an extraordinary attic apartment. This glass cube in Mannheim, Germany, is the first home built using the new modular system by interior design studio Raumfreiheit. The studio name literally translates from German as “spatial freedom” and Box fully represents this idea: a versatile space which can be customized to a great extent.


sun beds by Casamania and inflatable sofas in PVC by Blofield

The space around Box invites you to enjoy summer even if you’re still in town. Right hand-side, sun beds by Casamania. Left hand-side, inflatable sofas in PVC by Blofield, inspired by traditional Chesterfield pieces.


Born from an increasing need for flexible living and working spaces, Box can be constructed in a variety of different materials from timber to rendered walls, plus it can be scaled down or up and most importantly, taken down and rebuilt on another site. Here, Box is a freestanding glass cube with cutting edge technology. For its “unveiling”, Box was displayed on the rooftop of one of the coolest neighbourhoods in town, surrounded by a beautiful hanging garden with pool, canopies and fireplace.


a pool among diffused lights and large plant

There’s even a pool among the diffused lights and large plants; this turns the attic apartment into a little haven.

Torsten Ohrnberger who designed Box

Left hand-side, Torsten Ohrnberger who designed Box. Right hand-side, the prototype constructed on the rooftop of an old factory.

Interior designer Torsten Ohrnberger is the man behind this modular system and together with Siegfried Hendel and Simone Eicher, he co-owns studio Raumfreiheit. Since 2013, Torsten has also been a partner of interior design store Freisberg Wohnbedarf, which offers a comprehensive interior design service. 


Behind the lush hanging garden, rooftops and bell towers of the old town centre of Mannheim.

Behind the lush hanging garden, you can catch a glimpse of rooftops and bell towers of the old town centre of Mannheim.

Firewood is stacked in polypropylene shelves by Casamania, a material extremely suitable for outdoors. Here, several units are assembled together and build a wall which shelters a corner of the terrace. Floor lamp by Vesoi.


Refined and elegant, modern and innovative, this prototype is 65 sqm large. It has an open-plan layout with free-flowing spaces, living room and open-plan kitchen are in the largest area, while bedroom and bathroom are behind a central partition wall. Light-reflecting white furniture and lacquered white timber flooring contrast with two partition walls in blackboard paint on which, armed with chalk, you can let your creativity run wild.


Furnishings include refined pieces like this suspended table. All pieces by international brands, from fireplace to accessories, are supplied by interior design store Freisberg Wohnbedarf. In the foreground, Ego sofa by Ferlea

Coffee table by Casamania, Ray armchair by Danish brand Hay.

Slatted timber flooring lacquered in white makes the glass cube appear even brighter. Coffee table by Casamania, Ray armchair by Danish brand Hay.


Bedroom with a neutral colour scheme and soft curtains.

Bedroom with a neutral colour scheme and soft curtains; this is for privacy and a romantic feel.


By looking at this example, you would think that building a fantastic attic apartment would be the easiest thing in the world, here the magic lies in modular construction, seldom employed in domestic architecture: simple, flexible and portable, when well executed. “First of all, good interior design has to be functional (…)”, this is at the foundation of Torsten’s philosophy, who with his system has brought together two contrasting notions: you can be in your own home, even if away from home. We can pack this attic apartment in our suitcase and with our holidays approaching, re-construct it on a boat-house, sailing away into the horizon.



Design project

Modular attic apartment in the city

Location: Mannheim, Germany
Floors: 1
Size: 65 sqm

Architecture and interior design project: 
Raumfreiheit Entwerfen + Planen, Torsten Ohrnberger, R 6,1
68161 Mannheim, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 621  15 59 32
Email: info@raumfreiheit.de

Furniture sourcing: 
Freisberg  Wohnbedarf GmbH
Edigheimer Straße 7, 67069 Ludwigshafen, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0) 621 65 919 70
Email: info@freisberg-wohnbedarf.de   

Credits Olivier Gambier
Courtesy Freisberg Wohnbedarf

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