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This modern villa overlooks a stunning cove, in the South of France in the famous Côte d’Azur. Villa Blanche, as it’s known, is wedged in between the steep cliffs behind Le Lavandou, on a wonderful stretch of coastline between Saint-Tropez and Toulon. Incidentally, residential building permits are almost impossible to obtain here. With determination and a little bit of luck, our couple from Lyon, who has just started enjoying their well deserved retirement, has succeeded in this attempt.


From the swimming pool, the fabulous view over the Le Lavandou bay in the Côte d’Azur. Under the first floor living room this shaded and ventilated space is ideal for summer. The dry-laid perimeter wall is in local stone (Pierre de Bomes).

Sunbeds Rimini by Fredikson Stallard for Driade

Comfy lightweight sunbeds for poolside tanning: Rimini by Fredrikson Stallard, manufactured by Driade.


Seaside and sailing enthusiasts, our owners have turned this villa into their permanent home. Here, they spend most of the year, as well as welcoming kids and grandkids when on holiday. And it’s precisely because of this, they wanted a large free-flowing home, where indoors and out seamlessly blend together. And most importantly, they wanted a large swimming pool, so they could enjoy a leisurely swim, steering clear of the crowed beaches in August. 


Outdoor furniture: IVY by Emu, next to the swimming pool

On the poolside, decking sheltered by the sun extends to a cool and ventilated internal patio.

A Mediterranean vibe fills the whole house. On the first floor, the dining room opens onto the balcony and faces the sea. The Inout table by Paola Navone for Gervasoni has ceramic slats, which call to mind the same shade of blue as the water. The table top also complements the wooden Standard chairs, designed in 1934 by iconic modernist Jean Prouvé (re-edition by Vitra). Today, his original pieces are among the most sought after by collectors.


A series of overlapping cubes form the overall structure of the villa and white walls are broken up by walls in Bormes stone, a local stone commonly used in all the area. With a distinctly modern language, a mixture of solids and voids, inspired by modernist architect André Lefèvre, Villa Blanche takes its rightful place in the surrounding landscape. Building project by architecture studio Nesso, furniture sourced by interior design store IF Contemporain. Both businesses are in Lyon, the owners’ home town, where they spend the winter months.


The dining room balcony and the master bedroom

Left-hand side, the dining room balcony. Right-hand side, master bedroom overlooking the swimming pool.


Modern life on the French Riviera. Lightness, freshness and hospitality is the motto of this magnificent villa, which our couple dreamed of for such a long time and was completed just in time for their retirement. The architects defined it as an ode to the Mediterranean and surely, it fulfills the dreams of our two seaside enthusiasts. Furthermore, we are extremely happy our owners have achieved their goal and what’s more, they now have all the time in the world to enjoy it. And just like the architect pointed out “Farniente assuré”.



Design project

Mediterranean villa with swimming pool

Location: Le Lavandou, Côte d’Azur, France
Client: private
Floors: two

Architectural project:
Nesso, Agence d’architecture www.nesso-architecture.fr

Outdoor and dining room furniture consultation and sourcing
IF Contemporain, 31 bis, quai Fulchiron, 69005 Lyon
Tel: 00 39 (0)4 78 06 50 58
Email: contact@ifcontemporain.com



Photos: Courtesy IF Contemporain and Nesso, Agence d’architecture

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