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period home with a modern interior is a combination of never-ending charm. In Munich, Germany, for the overall look of his home, a fashion entrepreneur has gone for a contrast between modern technology and refined turn of the century charm. Bought after the arrival of his son, this apartment has won us over for its mix of period architecture, vintage pieces and made-to-measure minimalist furniture by studio Bespoke.


large living room, kitchen and breakfast area. Original oak parquet flooring

Taking down a partition opened the space up for a large living room, kitchen and breakfast area. Built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets fade in the background and elongate the space. The original parquet flooring was first refurbished and then skilfully relayed.


We are in Munich, Germany, in Bogenhausen, a most exclusive residential neighbourhood. As a matter of fact, Munich is exclusive pretty much everywhere you go. However, this area close to the city centre is ever so slightly more select than the rest; this is because of its proximity to the river, green areas, elegant buildings and refined villas, once inhabited by influential people in the arts and literature, from painter Franz von Stuck to Thomas Mann.


the Munich skyline with views across Bogenhausen and the riverside park.

Strictly without skyscrapers, the Munich skyline with views across Bogenhausen and the riverside park.


At first, the apartment had a typical turn of the century layout with a long corridor, a succession of adjoining narrow rooms, a tiny bathroom, utility room and kitchen squashed right at the entrance. Working with interior design studio Bespoke, the new owners have completely altered the internal layout. First of all: the son’s bedroom had to be the largest of all the rooms, as well as the one further away from the noisy living room and kitchen. The parents were happy with the narrowest of the existing bedrooms: “After all, we’ll only sleep there” they said, and we cannot but agree.


Before and after the renovation of the apartment

Left-hand side, before the renovation: kitchen and bathrooms right at the entrance. Right-hand side, the son’s bedroom is close to the entrance, whereas the open-plan living room is in the opposite side of the apartment.

In the living room: minimalist lights, a mechanical calendar and a high-tech kitchen with a practical counter top in grey stone. Around the old wooden table, vintage Eames Plastic chairs.

A central island helps to make the kitchen more interactive, you can cook with your friends

A central island helps to make the kitchen more interactive, you can cook with your friends.


To understand exactly what the owners’ requirements were, studio Bespoke asked them to keep a diary about their daily routine. This is a great way to design functional homes which suit specific needs. Indeed, to design around clients’ needs is part of studio Bespoke’s genetic makeup. Each project is developed in great detail, including furniture design and joinery. In fact, before specialising in interior design, founding partner Stefan Neubrand trained as a joiner, and he’s not the only one in the studio to have this two-fold expertise. 


Adnet Luminaires mirror by Gubi, The Dot coat hanger by Muuto

In the long corridor, oak parquet flooring, walls painted grey, false ceiling in white and dramatic lighting. On the wall, a luminous vintage sign that reads Holy, Adnet Luminaires mirror by Gubi, The Dot coat hanger by Muuto

The advantage of made-to-measure furniture is clear; this is precisely how a poky corridor can tolerate extra storage, plus the right kind of lighting can turn it into a much pleasanter space. Long, slender, painted to match the wall and raised from the ground: the four tricks of the trade used by Bespoke joinery.

The oak flooring and a mountain of soft pillows in the master bedroom

Painted white, the master bedroom is a small room with a simple and romantic feel. The oak flooring and a mountain of soft pillows is all that’s needed to make it warm and welcoming. On the narrow side, the built-in made-to-measure wardrobe is a great way to make the most of the available space. In the foreground, a stool/ bedside table by Bespoke (right-hand side image).

The WC elegant in grey, a simple shelf and mood lighting

The WC remains separate from the family bathroom. Elegant in grey, a simple shelf rests on the tank and mood lighting, also perfect for guests.

The family bathroom is effectively a small spa

The family bathroom is effectively a small spa. Bathtub next to shower with built-in bench; this is so two people can enjoy relaxing together.

A double-use chest underneath the washbasin

A double-use chest underneath the washbasin: for a few more years the couple’s son will use it as a step for reaching the tap. So, there’s no need for having plastic stools around the bathroom.


Our owners were looking for a home which had both a soul and an authentic character, a place where history and modernity enhance each other. Bespoke’s driving concept won them over. This process uses natural materials and modern design to build a bridge between the old and the new, between craftsmanship and industrial production. “The perfection of the imperfection”, this is Bespoke’s motto, a motto that perfectly sums up the soul of this beautiful home. 



Design project

Renovation of a city apartment

Location: Munich, Germany
Floors: 3rd floor apartment

Interior design project and furniture design:
Bespoke - Feinstes Interior Design
Stefan Neubrand, Pfälzer-Wald-Straße 65, Munich, Germany
Tel: 0049 (0)89 411 707 87
Email: info@bespoke.eu
Tel: 0049 (0) 89 411 70 777


 Courtesy Bespoke

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