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| Designbest editorial staff


n old hat factory, concrete flooring and exposed ceiling beams; this is the Berlin home of a world-class photographer and his partner. This loft apartment, designed by studio Bruzkus-Batek of Berlin, has no room for anything that could disturb this perfect setting, in a world where great aesthetic sense reigns supreme. The large cupboards that house everyday objects make way for a poetic and at the same time Spartan type of beauty. 


In the living room, the modern and the surreal are combined in a charming way: large sofa in dusty-pink faces the fireplace  (Schumann Design) camouflaged by the black plinth. Next to it, a floor lamp which is effectively the large-scale version of a traditional table lamp, Nazka di Adriani & Rossi, the Pig coffee table by Moooi and an ironic take on a traditional cuckoo clock.


We are in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the iconic alternative neighbourhood of Berlin, where factories abandoned decades ago, with their large open-plan spaces and wall-to-wall glazing, have gone from being unconventional communal settlements to desirable VIP homes that have often greatly altered their original character. Not in this case: the loft-apartment refurbished by Ester Bruzkus has preserved the original layout with an open-plan area, almost fifteen metres longue, that includes kitchen, dining area and living room. 


The view from the entrance to the living room, built-in cupboards on the right.

The view from the entrance to the living room with a large photograph by our owner beyond the kitchen counter and the dining area. Built-in cupboards on the right.

At the entrance we are greeted by a majestic-looking slab of Rainforest Green marble: this is the owner’s business card, ex chef and food stylist, who loves cooking and entertaining. The perfect cooking equipment is hidden under the counter that offer ample cooking space.

The bedroom is decorated with sharp yet harmonious contrasting colours, materials and surfaces

The bedroom is decorated with sharp yet harmonious contrasting colours, materials and surfaces. To the right, sliding doors that separate the owner's study. Behind the bed the timber cladding on the bathroom partition. In the foreground, a small robot part of the owners’ collection.


The L-shaped living room extends to the more private part of the loft apartment, in other words the bedroom, bathroom and the study. The floor is in concrete like the rest of the apartment, timber cladding on the bathroom partition creates the necessary warmth. Using different materials creates a harmonious and dramatic overall effect: glass, timber and concrete in different finishes, matt and glossy, see-through and reflective and in block colours, white, black, grey and the warm shades of timber and leather of the Butterfly Chair. 
The message is loud and clear: a fuss-free décor that makes way for surprises and creativity, and great food of course!



Design project

Renovation and interior design of a city loft apartment

Berlin, Germany
Interior design:  
Bruzkus Batek Architekten Partnerschaft
Schwedter Strasse 34°, Berlin, Germany
Tel: 0049 30 440 421 32
Email: office@bruzkusbatek.com
Team: Ester Bruzkus, Ulrike Wattenbach

Lighting design:
Thomas Hoof, Manufactum


Courtesy Bruzkus Batek

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