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| Designbest editorial staff


rchitect Silvana Citterio lives with her husband in a beautiful countryside home just outside Milan, but stopping in town after work is almost inevitable. Silvana wanted to turn these few square metres, conveniently located close to the city centre and public transport, into a place to be loved and where she and her husband can stay when necessary. The design of the tiny thirteen-and-a-half sqm studio apartment was designed like a multifunctional cabin, where each detail slots together or overlaps, using every single inch.


sofa-bed and dining table on the raised platform

Light comes in from the French window to the sofa-bed and dining table on the raised platform. The platform front has built-in staircase drawers and kitchen units.

The studio apartment before the refurbishment project

Before the refurbishment project. The masonry block houses the building’s service core. Right-hand side, the partition that was filled in to build a tiny washroom.


The overall design results from circumventing an obstacle; this takes the form of the 1,2-metre-high service core for the entire building, which sits in the corner. Inspired by how the previous resident used it as a raised platform for a bed, Silvana decided to extend this structure the entire length of the wall. And by lowering it by 20 cm, she turned it into a usable surface with a small walk-in-closet inside, accessed via a hatch, and a kitchen in the front which can be used by flipping the platform open. On top, sofa-bed and breakfast table with two chairs.


Ithe kitchen, a bespoke design by Silvana Citterio

The platform has a flip top which runs the entire length of the front. It conceals the kitchen, a bespoke design by Silvana Citterio. Magnetic knife and jar holders keep everything tidy and within reach. Silvana has made the most of every inch, just like a pantry on board ship.

White walls and mirrors reflect light that comes from a French balcony

White walls and mirrors reflect light that comes from a French balcony, which in turn opens onto a peaceful internal courtyard.

A mirror makes the breakfast area feel larger: a tiny table and Masters chairs by Kartell, lightweight and easy to move if you want to open the hatch.


This tiny four-and-a-half by three-metre room was successfully turned into a pied-à-terre. It could have been crudely described as a whole, and it’s amazing to see how Silvana Citterio turned it into a really functional and also surprisingly beautiful space. Needs must, and in the end, it’s quite cool to imagine to be on board ship in the centre of Milan!



Design project

Refurbishment of a 13,5 sqm pied-à-terre 

Milan, Italy

Interior design project and furniture sourcing:  
Architetto Silvana Citterio
Via Crema 8, Milan, Italy
Tel: 0039
328 686 1608


Courtesy Silvana Citterio

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