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n Paris, a 15 smq attic in the 9th arrondissement, the safe haven of a bachelor, was cleverly renovated by Rebecca Benichou of Studio Batiik. The architect was asked to turn this room into a space with the same features of a proper home: kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. 


The conversion of this attic apartment.

The photo sequence shows the conversion of this attic apartment.


The kitchen built on a raised platform is what’s brilliant about this project. Tucked away under the platform, there’s storage for a double mattress. Open it halfwayand you have a comfy sofa. And if you tuck it away completely under the platform, there’s enough space for a dining room. Plus, the kitchen counter folds out into a table for four. And, another clever detail: you can turn the solid sides of the parapet into table supports.


kitchen with bed tucked away under the platform and open breakfast table. Room with bathroom

Left-hand side, kitchen with bed tucked away under the platform and open breakfast table. Right-hand side, the opposite end of the room with bathroom and tiny study under the skylight.


Above, the attic before the renovation project.
Left-hand side, the colour red shows which walls were pulled down, practically all of them. Right-hand side, the new internal layout with bathroom in the lower half and platform with kitchen and double bed in the upper half.

The breakfast bar, which separates kitchen, is constructed with various hinged flaps

The breakfast bar, which separates the kitchen from the rest of the space, is designed with hinged flaps. The solid flaps, which open up like doors, provide support. The rest of the parapet has a grid-like pattern; this lets as much light as possible through.


Rebecca Benichou’s project shows how smart furniture can change a space completely. Now, in these 15 sqm there’s enough space if two people stay over and if four want to dine. Light and delicate colours make it look brighter and a large recessed cupboard keeps everything tidy. A great example of how you can make the most of a tiny space!



Design project

Renovation of a 15 sqm attic studio apartment

Location: Paris, France

Interior design project and furniture sourcing:
Batiik Studio 
Agence d'architecture
27 rue Barbès, 93100 Montreuil, France
Email: rebecca@batiik.fr

Website: batiik.fr

Courtesy Batiik Studio
Copyright Bertrand Fompeyrine

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