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young couple with a little girl asked the architect Nicola Auciello, who they employed to refurbish their apartment, to free their prospective home from the dark, pull down unnecessary walls, increase light and to give real meaning to the term “spacious”. The result is a bright free-flowing space. Two large spotlights on the floor are the focal point of the apartment. They are actually two “carpets” in golden-yellow resin that bring to mind the sun, a joyful addition. These spotlights indicate where the original poky corridors used to be.  


The living room is in between the kitchen on the left-hand side and the entrance on the right-hand side, the bedroom door is in the background. The passage between different rooms is right in the middle of the home, here the bright golden-yellow resin rectangle stands out on the oak floor. Left-hand-side Essential Scorrevole glass sliding door by Scrigno.


Boxed in by internal walls and with only a few windows, the apartment was dark and stuffy, despite being 90 sqm wide and having a roof terrace of approx. 40 sqm. This is almost incredible, especially if you take into account that we’re close to the sea. However, as the architect tells us, the north-facing waterfront in Rome is for the most part an urban conglomerate that has neither identity nor heritage, apart from being built during the property speculation of the 60s and 70s, which often didn't take into account of the quality of the interiors. 


lampade String Light Sphere head di Flos

The entrance is identified by a marble doorstep and strong lighting, which stresses the fact that you’re crossing an important threshold: as if to say, you’re home here. The String Light Sphere head lamps by Flos frame the living room. 

The yellow resin “carpet” placed at the intersection of the rooms, identifies the passage between different spaces. The kitchen is separated by the Essential Scorrevole glass sliding door by Scrigno.

Refurbishing this apartment was like chiselling a block. Nicola Auciello sums it up as “subtraction, amplification, deconstruction and layering”.  By getting rid of the unnecessary walls in order to expand the space, the architect has recreated different zones by adding contrasting materials that could be read instantly: yellow resin on the floor, and the Calcatta Oro marble for the vertical and horizontal interstices, which decorates and delineates the passages between spaces. The new free-flowing plan is accentuated by pocket sliding doors by Scrigno, and doors that open at 180 degrees. They open or close different areas and itineraries like mobile diaphragms.

The large cupboard oubles as a wardrobe

The large cupboard on the left, which doubles as a wardrobe for guests, runs the entire length of the bedroom. The clutter-free bedroom is decorated simply and elegantly, a clean style in which the space itself takes centre stage.

The cupboard continues in the master bedroom, doors by Porte Scrigno

The cupboard continues in the master bedroom, so a relatively small bedroom can be kept in perfect order. The bathroom is separated by a second passage, directly linked to the living room.

Calacatta marble, timber and yellow resin

Daughter and parents have a bathroom each, decorated in the same materials that are used throughout the apartment: Calacatta marble, timber and yellow resin.


Modern and classic, elegant and light at the same time, the strong character of the north-facing waterfront in Rome is the result of a long and accurate research. “The houses of today need to be bathed by light inside, because often there is not enough light outside”, this is Nicola Auciello’s motto, who has designed every inch with great personal involvement. For the owners’ delight, the efforts were rewarded: an extra-speci al type of light is felt immediately, the great attention paid to every single detail makes this apartment feel even more special and precious. 



Design project

Renovation and interior design of an apartment by the sea
Litorale Nord, Rome, Italy

Counter frames, sliding doors and single-hinged doors:
>> Scrigno Brand Channel


Interior design:  
na3 Studio di Architettura
Architetto Nicola Auciello


Courtesy Scrigno,
na3 – Studio di architettura

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