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iny and classy: the apartment purposely renovated for a young Milanese marketing manager. This home reflects her personality. Modern, practical and decorated with elegant details, classic pieces which instantly capture your attention. We’re in a small tree lined square filled with bicycles, right in the centre of Milan, in a building which dates from the 40s, a stone’s throw away from the Duomo. The hustle and bustle of the city contrasts sharply with this serene space, where even a super dynamic manager can truly relax.


In the foreground, large comfy sofas by Minotti take centre stage in this multifunctional living room. Modern, the modular entertainment unit by Porro, separates living room from kitchen. In the background, the wall which joins entrance to bedroom (to the right). Feature wall behind Zenit bookcase by Rimadesio: wooden look wallpaper by Armani Casa.

In the living room, sofas in delicate warm tones. Every piece of furniture has a comfy and soft silhouette: ottoman/ side table, carpet and layered curtains.


The first thing our young owner asked the team at Salvioni Design Solutions, who oversaw the interior design project, was to have large cozy sofas in the living room. She doesn’t have much time to enjoy them, but those few hours have to be perfect. Comfort is paramount, and design precision was used to zone different areas for entrance, dining room and kitchen, preserving a feeling of harmony.


Dining table between kitchen and bedroom. Above the table, an imposing chandelier by Moooi, and the architectural silhouette of the alcove seat with cushion in black tufted leather add an intimate feel to this passage.

Clean and simple, the Twelwe kitchen by Varenna Poliform perfectly integrates the kitchen in the living room. Right-hand side, modular storage becomes a portable partition between living room and kitchen.

Sanya bed by Flou with tufted headboard and wardrobe New Entry by Poliform

The bedroom is rather small, however it was possible to fit a romantic armchair next to the window and a mirror simply resting on the back wall (Modà Collection). The Sanya bed with a tufted headboard by Flou and opposite, the glossy lacquered fronts of the New Entry wardrobe by Poliform reflect the light.

The charming corners in this tiny apartment are decorated with great attention to detail

The charming corners in this tiny apartment are decorated with great attention to detail 


In this small multifunctional living room every little detail counts, as it’s generally the rule where space is at a premium. Here, devil is in the detail: furniture placement is planned to the last inch, alternating different materials, a harmonious colour palette and a few bold pieces, which add contrast. For the owner’s delight, the great achievement of this small project was to be so perfect yet so simple.



Design project

Renovation and interior decor of a city apartment

Milan, Italy

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Photos: Courtesy Salvioni Design Solutions
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