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| Designbest editorial staff


n extremely modern dream home with large light-filled rooms. Its vast plan extends over one thousand square metres and it’s arranged over two floors; this is the new home of a well-known Italian industrial family, who we will try not to resent too much.
We are in the Veneto region, north-east Italy, half way between sea and mountains, the spectacular city of Venice and the Dolomites, also amid the Palladian villas of Vicenza and the area of the famous Valdobbiadene Prosecco.


Between main entrance and south-facing terrace, a futuristic bow window raised from the ground. Small ceiling lights in blown glass designed by architect Giorgio Zaetta fill the entire villa with lots of light.

The villa makes the most of its hillside location. The entrance, on the steepest side of the hill, turns its back on a residential area. There is a long wall cladded in sage-coloured steel plates, where the ancillary rooms are housed (light comes from a light well). The large bow window commands the entrance like the deck of a ship.

The covered terrace ideal for cocktails
Coro Outdoor sofas Nest Fasce

Even the covered terrace, ideal for cocktails, is inspired by sailing. This is not just because of the slatted teak floor and horizontal balustrade in lacquered steel, but also because of the exterior white wall constructed from a single metal sheet, which clads the fireplace.


Inspired by neighbouring period villas built by old aristocratic families, architect Giorgio Zaetta revisited in a modern way the main roles of the architecture of the time: luxurious representation, generous hospitality, a comfortable space for a young family with three small kids and most importantly, an interaction with the surrounding landscape, apparent in the sustainable approach of this building.


The large living room between dining room (to the left), the sitting room behind it and a large terrace behind the partition wall with built-in fireplace, which becomes part of the exterior (to the right).


The large living room, where the whole family sits together, has a simple and relaxed modern feel. There’s enough room for everyone, surrounded by books, TV and a burning fire. Parents, children, relatives and friends can sink on comfy sofas, plus the central space was purposely left empty so kids could roll around on the carpet without getting hurt or breaking stuff. The owners state that since they’ve had this house, they’ve found it hard to leave to go on holiday, and it’s pretty easy to believe it.



Living quarters occupy the entire south side; this lets us see three sides of the villa through the glass facade. Individual spaces flow into each other, connected by open passages and the large terrace covered on one side and the kitchen with dining room on the other. The interior is modern with clean and simple aesthetics, decorated in an established manner: warm-feel slatted timber floor, wall-mounted shelving or other types of storage in pale and neutral colours, seating in contrasting colours, all this makes the space appear even larger.


Kitchen (left-hand side image) and dining room (right-hand side image) are in the centre of the home, they separate the bedrooms from the living quarters. Kitchen by Bulthaup with freestanding central counter with hob, 5 metre long steel top and breakfast counter. In the dining room, bespoke table in Corian, chairs designed in 1949 by Hans J. Wegner manufactured by Carl Hansen and Flying Flames lamp by Ingo Mauer.

Internal staircase and first-floor landing, which are both in teak

Left-hand side image, internal staircase and right-hand side the first-floor landing, which are both in teak like almost all the other floors. The outline of the flight of stairs which lead to the roof terrace can be seen by looking above.

Bespoke washbasins in Corian and a sliding wall-mirror on the left

Left-hand side, one of the smaller bathrooms concealed by the exterior wall cladded in steel plates. A lightwell lets in plenty of natural light and ventilation. Bespoke washbasins in Corian. Right-hand side, a sliding wall-mirror in the bedroom passage; this hides a laundry chute.

The master bedroom is designed as a self-contained flat with entrance, ante-bathroom, bathroom and bedroom. Similarly to the other rooms in the villa, it’s decorated with empty spaces and simple furniture in front of the large glass facade. 


Going down stairs to the lower floor, opposite garden and swimming pool, you find yourself in the so called “taverna” (the den). This is a great classic in Italian homes, the perfect place for chilling with friends, watching footie on the telly or films on lazy Sundays, family barbecues or impromptu dinners, therefore: the easiest and most fun room in the home. In this case, it’s a well designed space, cosy and welcoming, it includes a large table made from old timber planks salvaged from the owners’ firm and heavy-duty sofas.


In the “taverna”, at the garden level, a four metre-long table designed by the architect. Above the table, a poetical chandelier by Ingo Maurer. Similarly, to the rest of the house, the glazing has top quality insulation and slides in automatic thanks to a sophisticated motorised system.

The whole view of the “taverna”. Foreground, movie-room-style sofas, and to the right, the fireplace for family barbecues. Background, the large table with kitchen behind a low partition wall. Carpet Sahrai Milano.


This is a modern villa with bells and whistles. A free-flowing home filled with lots of light, big on sustainability, which brings together cutting edge technology and top quality details. We greatly credit this project, because despite it represents enviable luxury on such a grand scale, it’s still an incredibly elegant and discrete design. We see it in the same way a visitor should approach a historic Venetian villa, of which we simply admire their beauty.



Design project

Villa in the countryside

Location: Veneto Region, Italy
Floors: two
Size: 1000 sqm

Architecture and Interior design:
Zaettastudio, architettura e design
Via Roma 1, Feltre (BL), Italy
Tel: 0039 0439 840 080
Email: info@zaettastudio.it


Credits Alberto Ferrero
Courtesy Zaettastudio

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