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project that was born out of the desire to escape from the frenzy of the most dynamic city in the world, New York. We’re in Lower Manhattan, in the Tribeca West Historic District, where several American film and music stars live. This highly anticipated boutique new development on Greenwich Street, one of the most sought after local thoroughfares, is designed by the prestigious Morris Adjmi Architects (MA). The interior design is by the Italian architect Stefano Pasqualetti and the in-house team at GD Arredamenti


The living room faces onto Greenwich Street, Tribeca in Manhattan.

The living room faces onto Greenwich Street, one of the most famous streets in the Lower Manhattan neighbourhood of Tribeca.

The building plot is long and narrow, and, as it is customary in most period buildings in New York, light comes in solely from the short sides of the structure. The eight floors are split into four penthouse apartments, and each apartment is on two floors with a private internal staircase.

In the living room, a soothing colour palette, Tribeca, New York

In the living room, a soothing colour palette is in contrast with the daily frenzy of New York City life.


The floor plan has been organized logically: the open-plan living room with breakfast area and kitchen is over the street, both the staircase entrance and the entrance to the communal lifts are in the middle of the apartment, bedrooms and bathrooms are over the courtyard.


Both the staircase and lift entrance are in the central space of the apartment in New York

Both the staircase and lift entrance are in the central and darkest space of the apartment.


Stefano Pasqualetti created an elegant environment. High-end materials are combined with a soothing colour palette, and the result is a classic-modern style that goes beyond current fads. The living room is bright with oak flooring and the kitchen by GD Arredamenti is with fronts in Canaletto walnut and counters in Botticino marble. Thin black profiles that pick-up the aluminium frames of the kitchen, the staircase screen and the window frames create visual contrast.


The living room includes an open-plan kitchen with central island. Kitchen Velvet Elite by GD Arredamenti.

Professional kitchen appliances by Miele and Subzero-Wolf.

The bespoke cupboards are built in the recess, they include the fridge and the oven that are hidden to plain sight. Professional kitchen appliances by Miele and Subzero-Wolf. 

I lavabi, prodotti da GD Arredamenti, sono personalizzati in pietra Piasentina e pietra Serena

The bedroom has a refined and soothing feel. Natural materials are used in the bathrooms. The washbasins, designed by GD Arredamenti, are customised in Piasentina stone and Serena stone. Storage and column cabinets are tailor-made designs.


From the architects to the interior designers, everyone involved in this project in the heart of New York city has ties to Italy. Morris Adjmi, who worked for 13 years with Aldo Rossi before starting his own practice; Aldo Rossi is the famous Milanese architect and the first Italian to win the Pritzker. Stefano Pasqualetti from Pisa, who has overseen the whole interior design of the project, and who moved to New York City in 2011 after finishing his studies in Ferrara. GD Arredamenti who manufactures kitchens and bathroom furniture, started in Treviso, northeast Italy in the late sixties. Skilfully captured by the photographer Federica Carlet, Italian too, the refined style and the fine finishes come across in every single detail, thus adding a timeless feel to this home.



Design project

Penthouse apartments in the city 
Location: 403 Greenwich Street, New York City, USA

Architectural project:
Morris Adjmi Architects - MA

Interior design project:  
Stefano Pasqualetti
Architecture & Photography

Kitchen and bathroom design:
GD Arredamenti >> Channel Brand


Courtesy GD Arredamenti
Credits Federica Carlet - www.federicarlet.com 

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