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| Designbest editorial staff


he archistar Daniel Libeskind opens his first residential building in Germany. It houses seventy-three spectacular apartments, from small studios to two-story apartments, each one different from the other. The top floor penthouse with its extraordinary view over the city is without a doubt one of the most beautiful apartments here. Ruby design_living oversaw the interior design of the project, and has granted us access to this fabulous loft apartment.


The view from the balcony on the mezzanine floor. Highly decorative, the Series 73 pendant lamps by Omer Arbel for Bocci. The Freeman modular sofa by Minotti.


Libeskind’s building is called Sapphire and like a gemstone it’s full of impalpable, soft light, yet it’s rough and hard too, cut on corners, which reflect the light. These are the main features of Libeskind’s project, as well as the same character traits of the inhabitants of Berlin, as he states himself: slightly rugged, resilient and with a tender heart.


The main living area is precisely in the corner of the building. Daniel Libeskind in Berlin

The main living area is precisely in the corner of the building and separates the dining area/ kitchen from the sleeping quarters. The fireplace is in the foreground.

We are in Chaussestrasse, in the old town centre near the wall that until 1989 separated the East from the West part of the city, nowadays it’s the beating heart of the modern Berlin-Mitte. Here, every new building is luxurious, let alone if designed by Libeskind himself, well-known around Berlin for his dramatic Jewish Museum completed in 1999. In the Sapphire building the pointy architecture doesn’t run into walls or dead ends, instead it opens towards the light and the sky above Berlin. In the loft apartment, the blue sofas reference the sky, the burnt-orange carpet and the fireplace mention the earth. Up above, suspended like tiny clouds, the Series 73 lamps made by hand by blowing liquid glass into folded ceramic-impregnated fabric.

A glimpse of the sculptural exterior of the Sapphire building cladded in Bios Self-Cleaning slabs by Casalgrande Padana.

A glimpse of the sculptural exterior of the Sapphire building, clad in Bios Self-Cleaning slabs by Casalgrande Padana. Right-hand side, the dining area between the kitchen and living room.


The building exterior is clad in the new, ground breaking Bios Self-Cleaning ceramic slabs made by the Italian firm Casalgrande Padana. Not only are they self-cleaning, drastically reducing the times the facade has to be cleaned, they purify the air too removing oxides and nitrogen mixtures (NOx), one of the main causes of pollution in cities.


In the kitchen, the central island doubles as a breakfast bar. Saphire, Daniel Libeskind, Berlin

In the kitchen, the central island doubles as a breakfast bar for a quick bight to eat. The marble slabs have been chosen one by one by the owner of the interior design store. Kitchen by Varenna Poliform.


The kitchen with its breakfast bar is perfect for spending fun evenings with friends. This space has the same blue background with orange accents as the living room, but here it’s combined with black, stainless steel and the wonderful marble slabs. The focal point of this space is the wall decorated with a light sculpture designed by the archistar himself.
The sleeping quarters run along the open corridor. Simple sliding panel curtains separate the bedrooms. The bespoke furniture makes the most of the available space. The dark walls and wooden flooring are brightened up by colourful accents.


The simple furniture is a bespoke design. Sapphire, Libeskind, Berlin

Simple sliding curtains separate the bedroom from the corridor. The simple furniture is a bespoke design.

A futuristic-looking bedroom. Sapphire, Berlino

A futuristic-looking bedroom is decorated with the same colour palette as the rest of the home.


The architecture of Daniel Libeskind is an extraordinary and exciting dive into the future. The interior design team that with Ruby design_living oversaw the internal decor, has created an astonishing modern interior, without giving up on the comfort and warmth of a traditional home. In every corner, exclusive design wonders take us on a surprising journey towards the upcoming world.



Design project

Loft apartment in the Sapphire building

Berlin, Germany

Architecture Project:
Studio Libeskind, New York, USA

Interior design project and furniture sourcing:
>> Store Channel
Ruby design_living, Berlin, Germany
with Fabian Freytag Studio, 
Varenna Poliform, Berlin, Germany
and Minotti, Berlin, Germany


Courtesy Ruby design_living

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