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Minimalist design for the home of a champ

| Designbest editorial staff


his apartment is minimalist, modern and clutter-free. On second thoughts, this is exactly what you might expect from a great football star. This time, we are in the same neighbourhood as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, best known as San Siro, the world famous football arena in Milan, battle ground of the two great teams of this city: Milan and Inter. To live right next-door to your work place; well this is pure bliss. And this is exactly where, our international football star has put down roots. However, we won't disclose his name for privacy reason; the only thing we can tell you is that he's not of Italian origin and didn't play for Milan. During his heyday, he settled, got married and even started a family in this city. And this home, is extremely representative of his character. 

In the entrance, an arrangement of branches anticipates a serene and tranquil environment.

A generously sized apartment: the living room is even big enough, should the entire squad which to come over and watch a game. The entrance hall is also spacious, as everyone needs to come in first. Behind curtains, a large roof terrace where you can toast victories on the field and in the warm weather, have family and friends over. A neural colour scheme, a light floor and a thick shag-pile with light reflecting qualities: these features exude calmness and help you concentrate, essential qualities for a professional athlete.

A large silver coloured shag-pile with light reflecting qualities, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti.

Our owner loves the simple elegance of Milan, a city which stays in his heart even when he plays away. What's more, we find a similar clean-cut aesthetic in this contemporary interior, designed by Galbiati Arreda. Bold contrasts and neutral colours go hand-in-hand. Particular attention has been paid to a clever choice of materials and the right kind of mood lighting. The living room is separated from the more private rooms and here, a large mirror creates the illusion of a bigger space.

The large flat screen TV shows a football match. Here, watching a game is a favourite past-time.

Starting whistle: a large flat screen TV and a professional surround system. A modular entertainment unit spans the entire length of the wall opposite the sofas; this is perfect for storing even the most up-to-date technology. And built-in lights, to optimize vision. When our star is not on the field, he can sit down and unwind with family and friends. A small area of the roof terrace was set aside for a tidy home office. This space is separated from the rest of the room by a floor-to-ceiling partition with built-in sliding doors in satined glass, so it can be closed up when not in use.  

The dining rooms leads to the kitchen and from there, to the bedrooms.

In the living room, the family required a more secluded corner for eating. This space is sheltered from the entrance door by a partition wall and also visually isolated by a soffit. A clever use of different materials and colours makes this a more intimate space. Partition wall in Venetian plaster, a carpet in a darker shade than the one in the living room and a painting by Claudio Lovadina, iconic Milanese artist and designer. As a result, different areas have different moods, creating boundaries without having to build new walls.

Bispoke minimalist kitchen by Pedini. French doors open onto the balcony at the back of the building.
Bispoke minimalist kitchen by Pedini. French doors open onto the balcony at the back of the building.
Along the corridor, bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.
Along the corridor, bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.


Maybe we all have to let go of something? Of course, you cannot play for two teams at once. This apartment is almost 270 square metres wide. However, the size of the master bedroom had to be reduced to the bare minimum, yet with still enough space for a king-sized bed. This was done so there could be ample space for kids and guests; all rooms have an en-suite bathroom.  And above all, to have a living room big enough to host large football viewing parties.



Design project

Refurb of an apartment in the city.

Location: San Siro, Milan, Italy.
Client: Private
Size: 270 smq ca. 
Floor: top floor

Architecture project: Studio Savorelli, Milan, Italy

Interior design: Galbiati Arreda, Milan, Italy


Photos: Courtesy Galbiati Arreda

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