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| Designbest editorial staff


n the Swiss Alps, a mountain lodge apartment built on a steep slope is the new home for our couple, who after a life spent working in the city, longs for a much deserved rest surrounded by nature. However, they haven’t given up on the comforts of modern day living. We are in one of the most famous sky resorts in Saanenland, south of Bern, the Swiss confederacy capital, surrounded by a wonderful alpine landscape within some of the highest mountains in Europe.


French doors open onto a terrace. Left-hand side, Line Lowboard console table by Piure. Right-hand side, Più sofa by Intertime.


This home is a perfect example of the kind of expertise Swiss engineers have when it comes to building on unforgiving land. Fully complying with strict local construction laws, this building is wedged in a mountain slope and sheltered on either side by high stone walls. And what’s more, its lucky residents can enjoy a breathtaking view, on the side which overlooks the valley. The exterior of this building is in keeping with the vernacular of the Alpine region, on the other hand its interior has a distinct contemporary vibe.


Through the windows, a glimpse of the terrace with views over the valley and opposite, one of two stone side walls, which follow the outline of the slope. Foreground, Mocca armchairs by Wittmann.



The colour scheme is in perfect harmony with the colours of the surrounding landscape: dark-grey floors match mountain rocks, timber doors, windows and kitchen just like the surrounding woods, sofa and curtains are white like snow. The owners had precise ideas on the feel they wanted their new home to have and have asked the architectural team of the interior design store Probst + Eggimann to oversee this project. And one visit to the Probst + Eggimann showroom, was all our couple needed to find exactly what they were looking for.


Open-plan kitchen, the red fridge adds a note of colour. Anthracite tiles are laid upon under-floor heating, which in turn, frees up the walls from radiators.

The master bedroom. All bedroom chairs are from the same line as those in the dining room (Vitra). This is a really good idea, because they become additional seating when guests come to dinner.

Simple and streamlined aesthetics are apparent in every single detail, from lamps by Luceplan to solid timber bedside tables by the Swiss brand Tossa.


The perfect home in a most enchanting location, ideal for enjoying free-time and a more relaxed pace of life. Functional and without gimmicks, modern and welcoming, not exceedingly large but with enough space should their kids and friends visit. This apartment successfully brings together nature, vernacular architecture and contemporary design. Furthermore, this apartment instills an undeniable sense of peace, worthy of this country.



Design project

Mountain lodge or cosmopolitan home? The perfect union in the Swiss Alps

Location: Saanenland, Switzerland
Client: private
Floors: 1
Size: 110 sqm approx.

Interior design consultation and furniture sourcing:
Probst + Eggimann AG, Dorfstrasse 52, 3123 Belp, Switzerland
Tel: 00 41 (0) 31 818 80 80

Email: info@probstbelp.ch




Photos: Courtesy Probst Eggimann AG

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