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his family of globetrotters consists of parents and three grown-up kids, they enjoy spending time together after they’ve returned from the four corners of the earth. This shared wish is exactly what kick-started the renovation of this large farmhouse in the Euganean Hills in the Veneto region, not far from Padova, north east Italy. The guiding principle was to conserve the rustic feel of this building. However, a contemporary interior gave a new lease of life and brought extraordinary light to original rooms with small windows, typical of an old farmhouse.


In the dining room: in the foreground, the large Briccole table (Riva 1920) and the Mr. B chairs by François Azambourg for Cappellini. On the left-hand side, the fireplace cladded in stone and in the background, the kitchen.


The heart of this home is the dining room. This large and hospitable room has a roaring fire and directly leads to the kitchen. Almost imperceptible extra-thin sliding doors in steel and glass separate the two spaces. This is where, all the members of this family meet up at least one a month: mom, businessman dad and their three globetrotting kids. And it’s worth mentioning that surfing is another great passion these kids have, in fact, they purposely leave home to ride ten metre high waves.


The large dining table by Riva 1920, manufactured using one thousand-year old timber upcycled from old Venetian “briccole”, namely poles which are dug into the Venetian lagoon to signal sailing routes.

The Clessidra and Medea stools and the Molletta bench; these pieces go around the dining table like small sculptures and they provide extra seating. All three pieces are by Riva 1920, manufactured from single blocks of scented cedar wood.


The renovation of this old run-down farmhouse was led by our couple, in partnership with architects from AD Dal Pozzo, which is one of the most important interior design firms of the surrounding area. This building, overseen by architect Claudio Tomasello, was finished after two years of hard work. And during this time, the farmhouse was completely rewired, the internal staircase was remodelled, ceilings and walls were renovated and new doors and windows in lacquered white timber were fitted. Dark timber was chosen for the new flooring; this was inspired by the colour of traditional floor tiles, even if picked in a warmer shade. This turned the farmhouse into an extremely cosy and splendid modern residence, where its inhabitants are happy to live all year round.


A bespoke kitchen made customizing Modulnova base units

White, steel and timber: a minimalist timber-framed kitchen with white lacquer fronts. A bespoke kitchen made customizing Modulnova base units. Counter tops in ultra-light quartz.

The living room is a small and intimate space, set up for watching TV or reading, when the family is not together at the table.

In the entrance hall, a double-heighted stairwell. To welcome visitors: the Leaf chaise longue/ coffee table in synthetic fibre, part of an outdoor furniture series by Dedon. The Doride lamp is by Artemide.


Basically, this house was remodelled so everyone could have enough space. Three floors plus attic room, where one of the kids lives: everyone has his own en-suite bedroom. What’s more, extremely skilled local artisans were called upon to make bespoke furniture for all the bedrooms, beds included.


The bedrooms of the refurbished farmhouse

On the left-hand side, the bedroom of the youngest of the three children. On the right-hand side, the attic bedroom of one of the eldest children, with the La cima clothes stand by Opinion Ciatti. Image below, the master bedroom. Placing the bed in the centre made it possible to leave all the original windows intact. Wardrobe built behind the head-board. 


This project was succesful in building a cosy home, which welcomes the couple’s children when they return to their beautiful land of origin. Surrounded by the breathtaking hills of the Veneto region, they can enjoy local history and art, wandering around castles and ancient monasteries and most importantly, the warmth and friendliness of a large family table. We wish them Buon appetito, raising a toast to the extraordinary flavours of this regional kitchen. 



Design project

Renovation of a farmhouse

Location: Veneto Region, Padova
Client: private
Floors: 3 + attic floor

Design project, interior design and furniture sourcing:
AD Dal Pozzo, Via Mazzini, 24 – 36040 Grisignano di Zocco (VI), Italy
Tel: +39 0444 614521 

Email: info@arredodalpozzo.it


Photos: Courtesy AD Dal Pozzo

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