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| Designbest editorial staff


linded by the light that reflects on the glass, your gaze wonders to the sky above you that extends without limits and stops on a skyscraper that towers close by: the Torre Velasca. We are in the heart of the city of Milan, in an apartment where a chair is the only thing you would need to look outside from. It goes without saying that the apartment’s new owners, two architects, have honoured it by turning it with a radical renovation project into an interior design gem.


As you enter, you’re immersed in the light that passes through the entire apartment. In the façade, a recess creates a covered terrace with an incomparable view of over the city of Milan.

In the main living area, sofas by Minotti, the Barcelona armchairs by Knoll and Selecta by Lema, the made-to-measure bookcase series. In the background, sliding panels clad in marble.


The mood of this apartment is wonderfully bright, elegant and subtle at the same time. White walls and furnishings, designer furniture such as the iconic Barcelona chair by Mies van de Rohe and warm wooden floors that extend beyond the windows to the terrace. Great care has been taken in every detail, the quest for perfect functionality is combined with precision and beauty. Designed in partnership with the in-house architectural team of Arredamenti Stadio, here every inch makes sense as well as its scrupulous perfection, of course.


The view from the same side as the kitchen is priceless. The penthouse is a stone’s throw away from the famous Torre Velasca, built by Studio BBPR in 1957. Much discussed at the time, it’s now a historical monument of Milan. Further away, you can catch a glimpse of the spires of the Duomo of Milan.

A glass sliding panel separates the study from the living room.

A glass sliding panel separates the study from the living room. In the study, a design icon: Reale, the table designed by Carlo Mollino in 1946, one of the owners’ most treasured pieces.


The new internal layout makes a better use of the light from the three sides of the building, letting the light filter through. Where once were walls, corridors and doors, now there is a continuous, free-flowing space, divided by sliding panels in glass or clad in marble that separate each space according the need.


Left-hand side, the kitchen with the Torre Velasca in the background

Left-hand side, the kitchen with the Torre Velasca in the background. Right-hand side, the central hub seen from the entrance. The living room, terrace and studio open onto it.

For a soothing space, a master bedroom in shades of white and brown.


The happiness of owning this wonderful penthouse is tangible. The great attention to details is an example of the care paid to every single factor. The way in which the spaces open, the meticulous research of the most suitable materials, finishes and furnishings have radically transformed this apartment, making the most of the features that for many years had remained hidden.



Design project

Renovation of a city penthouse
Location: Milan, Italy

Furniture sourcing:
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Arredamenti Stadio

Piazza San Marco 1, Milan, Italy
Tel: 0039 02 659 8267
Email: info@arredamentistadio.com


Courtesy Arredamenti Stadio, Milan

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